The Gardi Angels

In 2017 Hannelie – our trainer – came up with a completely new wing. Upto then the wings in our angels had been 2D – but here came the 3D wing! We named the first angel with this kind of wings after Gardi, who, together with Hannelie started the very first training of the Vondeling and Rietbron craft groups, and in this way planted the seeds of what would later become Karoo Angels.

The Gardi angels gained a huge following just from the start, due to the new wing – and this type of crochet wings has become almost a signature for our angels. Now they feature in the Guardian angels, our Angel of the Year, our Kiran angels, our Friendship range, and have also inspired the Aarde range. The Rietbron crafters are behind all of these our best-selling angels, since they are our crochet experts.