Zuri Small


Another delightful angel to add to your Aarde collection – Zuri small.
This angel is 11 cm tall, and her rich vintage pink feather dress, brass wire head, looped wings – associate with purple beads –  makes her a so appealing.
Zuri means ‘beautiful’ – a real beauty she is.


In late 2020 we were challenged to develop a special range for the Boschendal Winery Christmas Exhibition. The brief was to do something classical, a nod to timeless precious minerals. This was a challenge for us, because we have so far only worked with white, cream and black feathers, and all our own previous dyeing efforts of wool have proven difficult. But with good help of the vast options of dyed ostrich feathers from Cape International in Oudtshoorn, the wool dyeing experts at Adele´s Mohair in Port Alfred – adding on Preciosa’s famous beads – and last, but not least, our master crafters’ creativity and skills, we did manage to come up with some truly unique angels.

At the Angel Factory we fell in love with this beautiful and different range –  and decided to work further on these angels – and so the Aarde range was born….

The Aarde range is paying tribute to nature and mother earth – and aarde actually means «earth» in Afrikaans. The colours of feathers, wool, wire and beads remind us of the beautiful things that the earth gives to us, and which is for us to protect, cherish and use with respect.

There are currently 10 different angels in the range, in a small and a medium size, and their names are Gugu, Nathania, Ronelle, Rose and Zuri. The Master Crafters in Vondeling are making this amazing range.