Angel of the Year Trio Collection


Our Angel of the Year editions have become true collectibles. Now you can take part in our tradition by getting the first 3 Angels of the Year –  Zara, Ewa and Alora – at a special collection price.

The trio is eagerly looking forward to flying to you – and we will make sure that they are beautifully packaged. We think this is an amazing gift, as well!


When we started our Angel of the Year collection in 2021 we hoped that these limited edition angels would become collector’s items…. and surely this has happened!

With the add-on in 2023 of Alora we now have a beautiful trio of angels, each of them with their unique Preciosa bead pendant, engraved with our logo. 

Zara means ‘new beginnings’, Ewa means ‘life’ and Alora means ‘beautiful dream’.  What a powerful message the 3 angels bring on:

A beautiful dream of life and new beginnings!