Nala – Angel of the Year 2024


Presenting to you our 2024 Angels of the year: Nala!

Nala, just like her other siblings, is one of the Guardian Angels – approx 16 cm tall, with 3D wings crocheted in silver-coated copper wire, pearly white Preciosa beads – and what makes her unique and special: A necklace with a warm beige tone bead, engraved with our Karoo Angels logo. 

Nala is an African name, made famous by the Lion King. Nala means both ‘queen’ and ‘water’. She surely is a queen splash beauty!



In 2021 the Angel Factory started a new tradition: Angel of the Year – limited edition angels that are only made in a specific year.  After all these years we know that there are many people around the world who collect Karoo Angels, and our Limited Edition angels are made as a gesture towards our dear angel-collectors – people who buy a new angel every year, in order to embellish their surroundings even more, step by step, with the most precious angels from the mythical Karoo.

The unique feature for the Limited Year Edition Angel is a glass bead pendant, specially made for Karoo Angels. It is the world famous Preciosa in Bohemia in the Czech Republic that makes these beads for us, with our logo engraved.

Trading of beads between the African continent and Bohemia has existed for hundreds of years – and Karoo Angels continue this trading tradition.  The Bohemian glass beads are today recognised at the UNESCO World Heritage list, and there is a great symbolism found in the fact that also the Angel Factory is connected to the World Heritage list: Karoo Angels is situated at the entrance of the Baviaanskloof Mega Reserve, which is part of UNESCO’s Cape Floral Protected Reserves.