Guardian Angel Pearly White


This Guardian Angel is approximately 17 cm high, has a white feather dress, and pearly white beads that adorn the crocheted 3d-wings, as well as a matching pendant. High-end silver coated copper wire is used in the wings – to ensure that the Guardian Angel can be exposed to more humid indoor climates without turning matte. A Guardian Angel is meant to last very long, true to its’ name.



The inspiration to develop a special Guardian Angel Range came from the Gardi Angels, as well as our great clients around the world. They would tell us how perfect the Gardi Angels were as gifts for special occasions, like a birth gift, a christening gift, or a gift to a dear friend. Not only because Gardi looks so stunning with her 3d wings, but also because her name means ‘the Guardian’.

The Guardian Angels have the same name tag, with the following text : ‘I am a Karoo Angel, and I have many different names, given to me by people all over the world. That is because I am a Guardian Angel.’