Hannelie Baba


Hannelie Baba is different. You might not notice immediately, but her feather dress has a unique colour – not white, not cream – but something in between. A colour reserved exclusively for this modest, somewhat shy Baba. The combination with amethyst coloured beads makes her look so sophisticated, with an understated beauty. This Baba angel definitely deserves a special name, so no wonder she is named after Hannelie, the crafters’ trainer and mentor since 2006.

Hannelie means ‘grace’.

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The Baba Angels are the smallest members in the Angel Family, approx 7 – 8 cm height, some even smaller. Baba is an affectionate nickname for baby – and when you see these cute tiny creatures you feel the urge to just smile! Most of the time the Babas are tiny versions of the Small and Medium Feather Angels, as the idea behind the Baba Angels was to make use of the feathers that were too small for the ordinary angels. But, some of the Baba Angels were created as only Baba Angel, and Hannelie is one such angel.