Lisa Garland


The Lisa Babas just love being together, all the time! So they were thrilled when they could form themselves into a small garland, with fine silver thread for hanging. Lisa wanted to look like snow, so of course her beads, halo and dress are all white – and the Lisa in the middle also have an additional neck ornament, which she loves so much! Lisa is 7-8 cm tall.

Lisa means ‘oath of God’.

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Baba Angels are the smallest members in the Angel Family, approx 7 – 8 cm height, some even smaller. Baba is an affectionate nickname for baby – and when you see these tiny creatures you feel the urge to just smile! Most of the time the Babas are tiny versions of the Small Feather Angels – but Lisa is different. She was actually the first Baba Angel to be made, and later her bigger sister followed.