Violet Mini


Meet the Grand Dame of Karoo Angels – Violet! Some angels are more sensational than others – and Violet is one of those. She boasts a voluminous dress of full ostrich feathers, heart shaped knitted wire wings with clear beads and sequins, and a dramatic feather hat to top it all. A truly magnificent and baroque angel. Here you see the smallest version of the Large Feather Angels – Violet Mini, and her feather dress measures approximately 16 cm.

Violet means ‘flower’.

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The Karoo Angels collection includes some true statement angels – the Large Feather Angels. These were the very first feather angels to be made, actually – due to a slight misunderstanding when Kjersti asked Gardi to develop a feather angel. But, when the Sophy and Violet angels were created there was only one reaction: WOW.

Unlike the smaller feather angels, this collection is made of full feathers, not only feather tuft. This not only explains why these angels are so much more voluminous and grand, but also explains the significantly higher prices.

The Large Feather Angels are time consuming to make, and since they are so precious they are neatly packed in a special branded box, where you should keep the angel when not in use.