Olaf is different, not only because of the name, but because this Vleuel angel has got cream feather dress. Add to this the dark blue wings and details, and Olaf appears as a much more dramatic angel than the siblings.

Olaf means ‘the ancestor’s heritage’ – and why has a Karoo Angel got such a name?Some years ago a group of Norwegian musicians visited the Angel Factory, giving concerts and running workshops for the children in the communities. The crafters really enjoyed this, and Olaf is named after one of these musicians.

And is Olaf a she or a he? Well, it is entirely up to you to decide!


Vleuel is the Afrikaans word for wing – and that is precisely the main feature for this beautiful range: The wings. They are crocheted in various colours, using fine coated copper wire, and the shape of the wing is also different from any other of the angel family members. The Rietbron crafters are in charge of the Vleuel angels, since they are the crochet experts at the Angel Factory.