Black Feathers and Ink Wire Juweel Pendant


This Juweel Pendant in black feathers with black wire is approx 3.5 cm tall, knitted in an ultra thin copper wire.  Adorning the pendant there is a Preciosa™  matt blue bead, adding weight and shine. The adjustable slik ribbon is hand dyed to match the pendant, and is long enough to work as a chain – but of course you can also use the Juweel as a decoration. Your Juweel comes in a tiny box, with a card and a nametag.


We have always dreamt of a Karoo Angels Jewellery range, and over the years we have been experimenting quite a lot, with Violet at Vondeling being the Master crafter in working out tiny, tiny versions of the classic range. But we knew that we needed a better wire that would not tear on clothes, only the best glass beads, as well as some exquisite type of ribbon. And in 2019 all finally came together – and we are so proud to present the Vondeling Juweels. In 2020 we added on new colours of the wire and feathers, so the range is ever expanding. The wire used is ultra thin coated copper wire, which indeed only skilled crafters can manage to knit with, a Preciosa glassbead is adding some weight to the pendant, and the matching hand dyed silk ribbon completes the look. We think the Juweel angels live up to their name: True gems! And of course you can use these miniature angels as decorations.

Here you see Violet with her favourite Juweel – the Ruby.

All the Vondeling Juweels have the following text on their name tag: ‘My name is Vondeling Juweel, and I am a Karoo Angel. My name means ‘foundling gem’, and Vondeling is also the name of the village where I come from.’