Wondering what the angel names mean? Here you will find out! The names are not chosen randomly – there is always a story behind each name, and they are all rooted in the communities and events in the Karoo Angels’ history.

Ameera means ‘princess and ‘the treetop’

Amber means ‘preserver’

Amorey means ‘brave’

Anna means ‘grace’

Brenda means ‘the girl with the special heart’

Charlene means ‘I am free’

Desiree means ‘desired’

Edwina means ‘valuable friend’

Elizna means ‘stability’

Ellen means ‘light’

Elsie means ‘noble’

Estalien means ‘to flourish’

Evette means ‘the living one’

Gardi means ‘guardian’

Gerda means ‘protector’

Hanna means ‘grace’

Hannelie means ‘grace’

Jade means ‘precious’

Janine means ‘gift from God’

Jaylene means ‘incredible’ 

Jo-Anne means ‘God is gracious’

Juliana means ‘youthful’

Justine means ‘rightful’

Karen means ‘pure’

Kiran means ‘hope’

Levona means ‘frankincense’

Lisa means ‘oath of God’

Maria means ‘the wished for’

Marinda means ‘of the sea’

Marlene means ‘the one who sees perspective’

Mia means ‘beloved’

Melanie means ‘the dark lady’

Nelly means  ‘shining light’

Olaf means ‘the ancestor’s heritage’*)

Sara means ‘princess’

Sarie means ‘princess’

Seretha means ‘peaceful’

Sienna means ‘of the earth’

Skylar means ‘the protector’

Sonia means ‘wisdom’

Sophy means ‘wisdom’

Stella means ‘star’

Trudi means ‘sincere’

Vanessa means ‘butterfly’

Valenta means ‘be strong’

Violet means ‘flower’

Zona means ‘the one who keeps things together’

*)*)Some years ago a group of Norwegian musicians visited the Angel Factory, giving concerts and running workshops for the children in the communities. The crafters really enjoyed this, and Olaf is named after one of these musicians.