Meet the Karoo Angels family!  Scroll down to see our different ranges: The Classic Range, the Guardian Angels, the Vleuel Range, as well as the Vondeling Juweel Range. (If you click on an image, you will be taken to a slideshow of the various angel ranges)

Classic Range: Baba Feather Angels

The smallest feather angels are called “baba angels”, and they are approximately 7-8 cm high.



Classic Range: Small Feather Angels

The classic small sized feather angels were amongst the first angels to be made at the Angel Factory, and they are approx 12 cm high.


Classic Range: Medium Feather Angels

The medium sized feather angels are approx 16 cm in height.


Classic Range: Baba, Small and Medium Wire Angels

The wire angels were the very first angels to be made at the Angel Factory, and they come in different sizes, varying between 8 to 15cm.


Classic Range: Large Angels and the Angel families.

The large angels are angel families, and they come in various sizes.


Guardian Angels

The inspiration to develop a special Guardian Angel Range came from the Gardi Angels, as well as our great clients around the world. They would tell us how perfect the Gardi Angels were as gifts for special occasions, like a birth gift, a christening gift, or a gift to a dear friend. Not only because Gardi looks so stunning with her 3d wings, but also because her name means ‘the Guardian’. The Guardian Angels are approx 16 cm in height, same as the Medium Feather Angels.


Vleuel Range

Vleuel is the Afrikaans word for wing – and that is precisely the main feature for this beautiful range: The wings. The Vleuel Angels are approx 16 cm in height, same size as the Medium Feather Angels.


Vondeling Juweel Range

We think the Juweel angels live up to their name: True gems! You can choose between 2 types: One knitted, approx 3 cm high, and one with feathers, approx 4 cm. The wire used is a ultra-thin coated copper wire, with Preciosa beads and hand dyed silk ribbon. Vondeling Juweel means ‘foundling gem’, and Vondeling is the village where the Juweels are made.