The Guardian and Skylar Angels

The inspiration to develop a special Guardian Angel Range came from the Gardi Angels, as well as our great clients around the world. They would tell us how perfect the Gardi Angels were as gifts for special occasions, like a birth gift, a christening gift, or a gift to a dear friend. Not only because Gardi looks so stunning with her 3d wings, but also because her name means ‘the Guardian’.

The Guardian and Skylar Angels are thus not primarily meant as Christmas decorations, but as gifts for those special events in life. There are 4 versions to choose from in both ranges, all with different colors on wings, halo, and necklace. Silver coated copper wire is used in the wings – to ensure that the Guardian Angel can be exposed to more humid indoor climates without turning matte. The Guardian Angels are meant to have a long life span!

Based on the success with our Guardian Angel range, we welcomed in 2020 their smaller siblings, named Skylar.
Knitted in the same silver coated copper wire and using the same beads as in the Guardian Angel range, these Small sized angels are also a great gift option throughout the year. Skylar means ‘protector’.

✢ The Guardian Angels measure approx 15 – 17 cm ✢ The Skylar Angels measure approx 11 – 13 cm