In the arid Karoo landscape stands a tree. Legend tells it has been there for hundreds of years. It is called Die Wonderboom – the miracle tree – because it has 3 stems that are miraculously intertwined. But Die Wonderboom is not alone. Next to it there is another tree, standing close, as if to protect the miracle tree. 

Very few of us become spectacular and famous. But all of us have been given the opportunity to care and protect someone or something.

The Wonder range is made to honor all those who care and protect, like the tree next to Die Wonderboom. 

The round shape of the wings of our Wonder charms is also a nod to the everyday miracles. Shaped like a flower it reminds us of hope that never dies, of good things that continue to happen, despite everything. Just like the old trees that continue to grow in the arid Karoo. 

The Wonder charms introduce new materials in our angels: Raffia and hemp. These materials are chosen deliberately for this range, emphasizing our wish to honor all the good things that grow.

Kamali and Siyanda are 4 cm tall miracles!