The Baviaans area in the Karoo

The Karoo is a semi-desert natural region of South Africa, with an almost mythical place in the nation’s past and present consciousness. The Karoo is partly defined by its topography, geology, and climate — above all, its low rainfall, arid air, cloudless skies, and extremes of heat and cold.

The Baviaans area in the Karoo encompasses first and foremost the World Heritage Site Baviaanskloof Mega Reserve – an area of outstanding natural beauty, owing to its spectacular land forms, a diverse array of plants and wide variety of animals. It is within the Baviaans area that you find the villages of Vondeling and Rietbron, where the Karoo Angels are made. The town of Willowmore is the nearest town to both these villages, and Willowmore also serves as the administrative centre of the Baviaans.

We invite you to explore, read and learn about Baviaans on the website.
And for those wanting to dive into the myths and facts about the Karoo, Wikipedia is a good place to start.

And if you ever plan for a holiday a bit outside of the main tourist tracks, if you want to experience the pure air, the clear skies, the endless vistas, the striking silence that only nature can give, you should definitely consider the Baviaans. For those of us living here, and for those of us often visiting, it is a place deeply rooted in our hearts and minds. Baviaans will never leave you untouched or indifferent. In many ways the Karoo Angels could only be made exactly here…..