The Master Crafters Program and our ACM

The Karoo Angels Crafters are all very experienced angel makers. When looking closely at an angel you will notice how many details there are, and you soon realise that this not something that everyone amongst us can manage to make – like the crocheting with the Ø 0.2 mm soft copper wire without breaking it, or assembling the feather dress without the feathers falling off, felting the wool heads evenly, threading the beads onto the wire while knitting – to mention some of the work steps involved in every single angel.

What started as ordinary craft projects more than 15 years ago, with none of the members having any craft skills at all, has now developed into advanced hand manufacturing of high quality. This is nothing less than amazing – what a journey!

To acknowledge both the skills and experience, as well as always looking for things to improve on, Karoo Angels run a yearly Master Crafter program, where all 16 crafters participate. All crafters have to pass the yearly exam to earn their status as Master Crafters, and it is of course no surprise that so far none of the crafters have failed these exams. The 16 crafters so much deserve their Certificate of Excellence, which is handed out at our Annual Crafters Meeting, the ACM.

It is not very often that all of us can meet – the distances are far on gravel roads, and travel means are not easily available. But once a year – in February – we all meet at our Annual Crafters Meeting – the ACM. Besides the handing out of the Certificates the ACM also deals with important issues related to agreements on payments, bonuses, loans and saving schemes for the upcoming year. We also do some in-house training and sharing of craft techniques, we talk about the upcoming year – challenges big and small – we share a nice meal – and sometimes we even dance….