The Angel Makers

Of course we have to start with the most important people in the Karoo Angels Community: The Angel Makers! You can read more about Vondeling Opel Craft and Rietbron Craft here

The Admin Trio

Janine, Monique and Nathon are in charge at the Karoo Angels office in Willowmore, the focal point of the Angel Factory. This is where the Angel Makers hand in their orders, where the stock of angels and materials are kept, and where orders are packed and sent out to clients all over South Africa – and to the rest of the world.

The Trainers

Hannelie and Gardi were the trainers for Vondeling Opel Craft, back in 2006, and later for Rietbron Craft. It is their groundbreaking work that laid foundation for the skills and products that later came to define Karoo Angels. Hannelie has up to recently been very much involved as mentor for both groups.

The Founder and Mentor

Kjersti Lie Holtar

Kjersti has been involved with the Angel Factory since 2006, and founded Karoo Angels in 2013. She is the typical “behind the scenes” person, and is now mostly mentoring the Admin Trio, when needed.