Karoo Engelespiel Gold


What do you get if you combine a Karoo angel factory, a Karoo windmill and a candle?

You will get the Engelespiel!


Put the Engelespiel on top of your candle jar, or use a drinking glass and put a tealight in. Light the candle, and then the magic begins… 

You can choose between a gold or silver version – here is the Gold one. 

The Engelespiel measures 8 cm in diameter, height approx 12 cm. Please notice that the Engelespiel does not include the candle.


Here in South Africa candles have become an item we cannot live without, simply because of the loadshedding. The Engelespiel is the Angel Factory’s modest contribution to all these candle nights and days ahead of us…


Engelespiel is a traditional décor item in the Nordic countries, originally used during Christmas, but now popular all year around. 

There they use the word ‘karusell’ for the top part, but we know what it really is: A Karoo windmill.


The Engelespiel is a beautiful home décor item that brings warmth and glow, and that will always be cherished. Just like the Karoo. And windmills. And angels.