Set of mobile arches


The mobiles have so many possible varieties, and perhaps you like your own DYI project?  Perhaps you have your own Karoo angels already, and want to use these in your very personal mobile?

If so, here is the opportunity to get your own set of our mobile arches.

The biggest arch measures approx 22 cm in diameter, and has 5 drilled holes, whereas the small arch has 3 drilled holes, and measures approx 13 cm  in diameter.



Ever since the first Karoo Angels saw the day of light, back in 2006, customers and friends of Karoo Angels have asked for a mobile. And since we always try to listen to our friends, we have all these years had the Karoo Angels Mobile on the sketch pad … But a traditional floating mobile is not a straight forward product for such individual products that our angels are – they simply do not weigh the same.

But finally, in early 2024 we nailed it!  And since then we have been testing, practicing and refining the mobiles – and now we are ready to show to the world:

The Karoo Angels mobiles!

We are so proud and happy with our mobiles, and in true Karoo Angels spirit we give you a big variety of options and styles to chose from, appealing to different tastes and needs.

The mobiles are of course an ideal gift for welcoming newborns to the world, and as Christening gift – but we think that also a lot of adults will appreciate having a gentle turning and moving angelic creation as part of their everyday life.