Juliana Garland

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Juliana Babas love playing together, so they were so happy when they could form a small garland! Juliana decided at a young age on a discrete elegance, wearing clear beads in the her knitted wings and on her halo. With her cream feather dress she is in many ways a tiny version of Evette, but Juliana insisted on having her own name, and no wonder it means ‘youthful’.

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The Baba Angels are the smallest members in the Angel Family, approx 7 – 8 cm height, some even smaller. Baba is an affectionate nickname for baby – and when you see these cute tiny creatures you feel the urge to just smile! Most of the time the Babas are tiny versions of the Small and Medium Feather Angels, as the idea behind the Baba Angels was to make use of the feathers that were too small for the ordinary angels. But, some of the Baba Angels were created as only Baba Angel, and Juliana is one such angel.