Meet the Gardi angels – cherished members of the angel family. Gardi introduced the amazing 3D wings, crocheted in wire. These wings have in many ways become our signature wings, and in the original Gardi the wings compliment her white dress and silver halo. This Gardi version wanted to add some bling, as well, so she has adorned herself with a small silver necklace.

These majestic ladies are named after Gardi, who set up the craft groups in Vondeling and Rietbron, together with Hannelie, more than 15 years ago.

Gardi means ‘the guardian’.


The medium feather angels measure approx 15 – 17 cm, and they look so majestic hanging in a window, or at a prominent spot on the Christmas tree.  You will notice that the medium feather angels look more and more grand the longer their feathers are exposed to air. No wonder the medium feather angels are many Karoo Angels’ clients favourites.