Gracious Levona – the all time classic, and first ever feather angel made at the Angel Factory. She adorns herself with clear beads and sequins, and you can chose between the original one with wire head – or this new version, with felt head.

Levona means ‘frankincense’.


Since the very first Karoo angel was created in 2006 we have made use of a ultra-thin stainless steel wire in the wings, known as Easy Coil. This wire has been our faithful companion for almost 20 years.

But things change….

Due to the financial constraints created by the pandemic, the manufacturer  – Mac Indies in Gauteng –  decided to stop the production of the Easi Coil wire that had for so many years been cherished by small craft businesses like ours.

When we got these news in early 2022 we hunted high and low throughout South Africa to purchase absolutely every single coil of wire we could find – knowing that one day there will be no Easi Coil thin wire left for us to use…And in 2024 that day came.

But, this didn’t mean that the angels in our Classic ranges had to be discontinued – of course not! Because, there is a very good alternative to the Easi Coil – namely the silver coated copper wire that is already well known in f.i. our Guardian angels.

So, now we have the Classic Silver Wire range – and with this new wire our classic angels shine and sparkle even more!