Marlene small 3D-wing


There is a newcomer in the Angel family! Marlene Small 3D-wing features our signature crochet wings. As for her bigger sister the wing itself is without any beads, Marlene keeps it simple, with a matching malachite colored beaded halo. Marlene Small 3D-wing – so fresh and stunning!  She is approx 11-12 cm tall.

Marlene means ‘the one who sees perspectives’ 


Vleuel is the Afrikaans word for wing – and that was precisely the main feature for this beautiful range: The wings. They are crocheted in various colours, using fine coated copper wire, and the shape of the wing is also different from any other of the angel family members. The Rietbron crafters are in charge of the Vleuel angels, since they are the crochet experts at the Angel Factory. They are also the masters behind the 3D-wing, which we often call «the Gardi wing», because Gardi was the first angel to have this crochet 3D-wing, which now have become a signature feature. In 2023 we have introduced this 3D-wing in a smaller version, staying true to the fabulous Vleuel angels colors.