Rafiki Small 3D-wing


Welcoming the fourth member to the youthful Friendship range! Rafiki Small 3D-wing features our signature crochet wings, and just like her sisters Rafiki plays it really simple with no beads in her wings, and with a matching gold colored beaded halo. She is approx 11-12 cm tall, and so warm and cheerful!

Rafiki means ‘friend’  – a very fitting name!


It all started with the Vleuel range – Maria, Olaf, Marlene and Zona –  where we introduced the colored enameled copper wire in the wings. They all got smaller siblings with the traditional 2D-wing, but then one day we wondered:  “That rose gold wire – wouldn’t it be beautiful in the 3D-wings?” And so the Maria Small 3D was born. And then later Olaf Small 3D came along, and then  a customer asked for Marlene in a Small 3D version, as well.

All same, same –  but still different. All 4 of them are such sweet and adorable angels, reminding of their bigger siblings, like the Guardian angels, but smaller, more colourful and more lively, as if they are not yet grown-ups, perhaps?

We noticed that this trio of small angels enjoyed the company of each other, just like teenagers finding friends and creating valuable bonds on their own, without the rest of us not knowing so much. “These 4 angels indeed symbolize friendship in such a cute way”, one of us said – and so the Friendship range was born!

And being so good friends as they are, they are of course open to include more angels in their joyful group – so now they are 4: Maria, Olaf, Marlene – and Rafiki.