Sarie Silver Medium


Sarie silver medium is the second born of the 5 sisters. She is just as skitterend’ (meaning dazzling in English) as her bigger sister. Her 35cm crocheted silver-coated copper wire stylish dress is finished off with silverlined beads and rainbow sequins.

Sarie means princess’ – a true one she is!


The wire angels were the very first angels to be made at the Angel Factory, dating back to 2005. The Sarie range has ever since been one of our best-selling angels, with the crocheted wire strands and the looped wings as the prominent features. It is so gratifying for us to know that these angels are adorning many windows around the world!

And just because not all the Saries are living in the same dry climate as here in Karoo, we have introduced the silver coated copper wire in our Sarie ranges as an alternative. The Sarie Silver range will not tarnish and can be exposed to humid conditions – making sure the angels will have a long lifespan. The Vondeling Master Crafters are the ones making all our Saries – as they have been doing ever since 2005.

Our Sarie Silver range is just as twinkling and sparkling as the original Sarie, perhaps even more…. No wonder we have nicknamed the Saries our Princess-range.