Sarie Silver Medium


Sarie has always been the shining star in the Angel family, and now with the silver version she sparkles, twinkles and shines even more. Her wings underlines her abundant style, with the wire head and silver halo complementing it all. Sarie has a lot of siblings – she comes in 5 different sizes. Here is the medium size  – Sarie Medium, and she is approx 35 cm tall. Sarie means ‘princess’. And truly she is.


The wire angels were the very first angels to be made at the Angel Factory, dating back to 2005. Some of the wire angels are knitted, others are crocheted, and they have different types of beads, sequins and adornments to underline the superior craft quality. In 2019 we started to introduce the silver coated wire in our Sarie ranges as an alternative. The Sarie Silver range will not tarnish, and can be exposed to humid conditions.