It is early April – in South Africa we prepare for autumn and winter, and say farewell to the summer. On the other side of the globe, in Norway, we finally say goodbye to winter.

For many years the Karoo Angles were sold only in Scandinavia – if you have experienced a Nordic winter, with snow and darkness all day long, you will easily understand why the Karoo Angels have such an appeal – light and glittering, just like the snow and ice – almost a perfect match, although from opposite sides of the world. It is difficult, however, to photograph the angels in the Nordic nature during Christmas season, it is simply too dark and the days are so short. And not least: The weather is often too windy and miserable…. But April is a nice month for photos – the evenings are getting lighter and lighter.  Here are some “Christmasy” photos from the Norwegian mountains with the new angels for the 2016 Christmas season, taken a Sunday in April, with the very last snow.