Every year new members are added to the Karoo Angel family – 2016 no exemption! People ask us how planned the new designs are, and the answer is both yes, they are indeed planned, and no, they are not that much planned. It is a combination of impulses, ideas, inspiration, client requests, and trends. (although we like to think that the Karoo Angels are beyond any trends) And it is also a lot about what happens there and then, when we during one week in February work together on the new designs.

This year we have 2 new Baby Angels – Baby Charlene and Baby Valenta – 3 Small Feather Angels – Brenda, Hanna, Valenta – and 3 Medium Feather Angels – Trudi, Elsie and Elsie Cream.

For the first time we have introduced a hint of pink, a grey bead colour – as well as some quite sophisticated gold/black sequins.

No need to say we hope they will fly out of the Karoo just as fast as the other members of the Karoo Angels family! Here you see some photos of the newcomers, taken just after they were created – location Vondeling and Rietbron.