Vondeling Optel Craft has in their midst a true angel-designer – Violet Martin. Violet is the eldest member of Vondeling Optel Craft, and she possesses a remarkable eye and feel for what is a beautiful angel. She is for instance the creator of Charlene and Charlene Baby, as well as this year’s newcomers Trudi, Valenta and Valenta Baby.

When asked about where she gets the ideas and inspiration from, Violet answers: I dream them.

Right now Violet is working on her own limited range of angels, which we hope to present to clients later this year. We are so curious to see what she will come up with!!!

But already there are two angels in the “Violet-range” – meet Sarie Baby and Justine Baby!  Violet is also a keen gardener, and she has built up the garden that surrounds the old little church where Vondeling Optel Craft have their production. Of course we had to take a picture of Sarie Baby and one of Violet’s Karoo Hollyhocks. With less than 200 mm  rainfall a year it is amazing to see these flowers grow.